Vladislav Spirčák

   In my early childhood (age 6) I was drawn to the sound of the Organ. It was at Church when I heard the beautiful music and at that moment I knew for sure that I fell in love with it.

   I knew instantly that this instrument will play a big and important role in my life. I could not find anything else that would give me more fulfillment. The road to study and to education was not an easy one, as not many see this as a job opportunity and a profession.

   But in 2014 I successfully took part in an Organ recital at the Catholic Conservatory in Bratislava. I had the privilege to perform on a newly built organ by a German Organ builder Woehl at Saint Martin’s Cathedral. Occasionally I found myself in situations where the Organ was not in the best technical condition and needed minor touch-ups and tune-ups. That is how my road to become an “Organ builder” started, and I could finally use my talent, natural sense, my instinct and my technical thinking. Practice, study, development and being open to international aspects/challenges, together with my colleagues we are constantly learning, developing and improving.  We consider our profession a “Royal profession” since it allows us to work with this royal instrument. It includes working with people from various backgrounds and circumstances, we encounter many professions as well as a lot of craft work, at times being misunderstood and underestimated. Despite all of these challenges I have enormous passion for this work.

   We hope our company will become your only and best choice for your “Royal instrument” the Organ.