The goal of every overhaul is to restore the organ in a way that it will deliver technically perfect performance, it will be tuned and will serve the next generations. Our desire is to go further, respecting the artistic value of the instrument as well as the acoustic and artistic character of the age it was built in. Together with traditional solutions and the use of modern materials of high-quality we strive to create a functional, long-lasting and reliable system.

      We also make sure that the blower operate quietly. By organs with a pneumatic tract we aim to achieve the fastest possible performance of the tract.

      By reconstructions of organs we always replace all the membranes, leather seals, etc., regardless of their partial functionality.

      By tuning we respect the accoustic character of the instrument. If registers are to be replaced or completed we aspire to proceed in such cases with elegance and in a style of the design of the organ and its overall layout. 

      We cooperate with the architect who gives his advice on the restoration of both, the design of the organ cabinet and the organ console in harmony with the artistic style of the church.

The complex reconstruction
of church pipe organs includes: